Gosha Kutsenko and Elena Khlibko in Posledniy Ment TV Series

Елена Хлибко, Последний мент, доктор Лариса бенике

In Episode 31 of  “Posledniy ment” TV Series another investigation leads police captain Divov (Gosha Kutsenko) in Sexaholics Anonymous!

Sexaholics are a little bit weird people (to put it mildly) but job is a job. Dr. Larisa Benike (Elena Khlibko), who came from Germany, runs the classes. Classes are held in a calm atmosphere, and in the beginning it seems that this doctor cures all. But everything is not so easy……

Fighting of the seduction policeman Divov suspects everyone. It’s not so easy to seduce him! And what did you think? 🙂

The full Episode watch here: “Posledniy Ment”, Episode 31. Channel 5

© Elena Khlibko